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Ability & Attainment Tests

Rust Advanced Numerical Reasoning Appraisal (RANRA)
John Rust, 2002

Measure the ability to recognise, understand 
and apply mathematical and statistical reasoning

Individual or Group - 20 minutes, Paper & Pencil 
or On Screen

This new and demanding measure is the result of a large study of both verbal and numerical reasoning skills undertaken recently in the UK. RANRA builds on and extends the critical thinking skills appraisal available through use of the bestselling W-GCTAUK.

This new study has produced UK norms for: 

The Rust Advanced Numerical Reasoning Appraisal (RANRA) is based on the Watson-Glaser model and measures mathematical abilities which have clear relevance for managers and other decision makers in organisations. Unlike many numerical reasoning tasks, RANRA uses a Watson-Glaser style format designed to assess higher level numerical skills involving deduction, interpretation and evaluation. 

Two measures of numerical reasoning contribute to the RANRA assessment: 

These subtests place emphasis on analytical rather than straightforward computational skills, and items are mostly easily solved through application of higher level numerical reasoning skills, rather than rote calculation. Therefore, candidates who have internalised their mathematical knowledge at this level will be at an advantage. 

The intuitive recognition of equivalence or sufficiency of information is a highly-developed cognitive skill and only likely to be present in those who not only have the knowledge and ability, but also have regularly and successfully applied it. Taken together, recognition of equivalence and sufficiency can be the best predictors of future performance and skill acquisition in the use of numerical reasoning for problem solving in management settings. 

RANRA users will benefit from the extensive norms, easy-to-use materials, software scoring, optional online administration and the links with the popular Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal UK. This co-norming with the W-GCTAUK has produced a seamless and demanding appraisal of both higher level numerical and verbal reasoning skills. The high ceiling on both of the measures makes this an ideal platform when recruiting in the management market. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

When I buy RANRA, how do I gain immediate access to the updated Watson-Glaser?
It couldn't be easier. When you buy the new RANRA starter kit, you can add the W-GCTA
UK materials. Estrado software also enables you to administer and score the new Watson-Glaser. 

I am a current Watson-Glaser user, how do I link to RANRA?
Your easiest route is to purchase the new W-GCTA
UK starter kit, and the RANRA materials. This will provide you with all of the new materials, and give you access to the software scoring options. 

How do I incorporate personality measures with the ability measures?
It is now easier than ever. The Estrado software platform is designed in a modular fashion. Not only can you easily add verbal reasoning (W-GCTA
UK), but you can extend this to general personality (Orpheus) and integrity measures (Giotto). 

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RANRA starter kit: Includes manual, 5 test booklets, scoring keys and 25 record forms in a bag
Additional copies of materials:
Test booklet
Record forms, pack of 25
Practice tests, pack of 10
Scoring keys
Specimen set: Includes test booklet, practice test and record form