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Psychiatric Disorder

Rust Inventory of Schizotypal Cognitions (RISC)
John Rust, 1989

Assess the risk of schizotypal symptoms

Age Range:
16 years and older

Individual - 10 minutes

The RISC is a short objective inventory for assessing the cognition's associated with schizotypal personality disorder and acute schizophrenia. It differs importantly from all previously available scales. It emphasises cognitive content rather then focusing solely on diathesis and has been developed and standardised with special attention to normal distribution in the general population. The RISC is therefore able to provide an estimate of client risk for schizotypal symptoms which are feminalogically related to acute schizophrenia. 

The inventory contains 26 statements to which the client is asked to respond. Although, containing no obviously extreme items, its accumulative affect maybe used to identify bizarre and eccentric thought patterns. The RISC provides a significant instrument for clinical assessment, occupational counselling, and for academically psychiatric research. 

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