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Child Cognition, Language and Neuropsychology -
Higher Executive Abilities

Selecting, Administering and Interpreting Cognitive Tests
Jonathan J Evans, Barbara A Wilson and Hazel Emslie, 1996



Many clinicians and therapists give cognitive tests and it is vital that assessors are competent to select the most appropriate tests, administer them properly and have the skills to interpret the results correctly.

This booklet provides a short introduction to the most important issues in the selection, administration and interpretation of cognitive tests. It is aimed trainee clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, neurologists, occupational and speech therapists who wish to learn about, or revise their knowledge of the process of cognitive testing.

The booklet covers issues such as how to ensure a professional approach to testing, the general process of cognitive assessment, what is a standardized test and how to interpret results using test norms, definitions of impaired performance, reliability and validity of tests, and communicating test results.

Answers to a number of ‘frequently asked questions’ are provided. Issues are illustrated with reference to some of the most frequently used TVTC cognitive tests.

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