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Adult Assessments and Interventions - 
Elderly Rehabilitation

Severe Impairment Battery (SIB)
Judy Saxton, K L McGonigle, A A Swihart and Francois Boller, 1993

Assess severe dementia in the elderly

Age Range:
51 to 91 years

Individual - 20 minutes

In recent years the SIB has become a benchmark assessment used extensively in worldwide clinical trials by drug companies seeking to develop treatments to combat Alzheimer's disease. Further details of research references are available upon request.

Why is the SIB valuable?
The SIB focuses on the gap left by other instruments by providing an opportunity to gather direct performance-based data on a wide variety of low level tasks which take into account the specific behavioural and cognitive deficits associated with severe dementia. A more objective assessment of the relative impairment of different areas of cognitive functioning, such as that offered by the SIB, enhances our understanding of the disease process and provides much needed clinical information regarding the later stages of dementia.

The SIB evaluates cognitive abilities at the lower end of the range. The test was designed with the severely demented patient in mind and takes into account the specific behavioural and cognitive deficits associated with severe dementia. It is composed of very simple one-step commands which are presented in conjunction with gestural cues, and it allows for non-verbal and partially correct responses as well as for simpler response modes such as matching.

The SIB is designed to be psychometrically reliable and allows for repeated assessments. Each subscale yields scores that are downward extensions of instruments used to assess mild to moderate dementia.

The six major subscales are:

In addition, there are also brief evaluations of praxis, social interaction and orienting to name. 

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Complete kit: Includes manual, 25 scoring sheets, stimulus cards, plastic shapes, spoon, cup, full distractor pack in bag
Additional copies of materials:
Score sheets, pack of 50