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Paediatric Assessments and Interventions 

Spatial, Temporal, and Physical Analysis of Motor Control
A Comprehensive Guide to Reflexes and Reactions

Diane Berg McCormack and Kathy Riske Perrin, 1997

Analyse reflexes and reactions in children
with central nervous system deficits

Age Range:
Infants and Children

Individual - Untimed

Practical information to analyse elements of involuntary movements and automatic reactions with the developing infant or child who has central nervous system deficits. This resource provides both students and experienced practitioners with a comprehensive overview and historical perspective of the theories of motor control and introduces the Spatial, Temporal and Physical Theory of Motor Control. 

The resource features:

Available Products


Complete kit: Includes manual, 14 record forms and 44 reflex and reaction cards
Additional copies of materials:
Record forms, pack of 15
Reflex and Reaction Cards, pack of 44