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Adult Mental Health -
Eating Disorders

Stirling Eating Disorder Scales (SEDS)
Gwenllian-Jane Williams and Kevin Power, 1996

Comprehensively measure anorexia and bulimia

Age Range:
Adolescent and adult

Individual - 30 minutes

The SEDS provides a theoretically robust cognitive and behavioural measure of both anorexia and bulimia. It was developed to assess four core cognitive - emotional factors: 

The package features additional scales to measure anorexic and bulimic dietary cognitions and behaviours and can be used as a rapid screener or for profiling patients and treatment on a tranquil. There is an easy to use manual, which gives a brief report to the theoretical background of the SEDS as well as administration and scoring instructions. Also included, are reliability and validity information's as well as data obtained from use of defined clinical groups. As such it is more cost effective than other products in the market today. 

Available Products


Complete kit: Includes manual, 25 record forms and 25 profile sheets
Additional copies of materials:
Record forms, pack of 25
Profile sheets, pack of 25