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Adult Mental Health -
Trauma / Stress

Jim White, 1997

A detailed programme for stress-related problems

Age Range:

Individual or Group - Untimed

StressPac has been designed as a self-help anxiety management treatment, which should be used in conjunction with therapist-directed therapy. It was devised to provide an easily understood and personally relevant self-help treatment for anxiety disorder patients.

StressPac features a therapist manual and a summary aimed at the patient which briefly shows how StressPac is used. StressPac includes photocopyable handouts, a Relaxation Tape, depression supplement, panic attack supplement and an agoraphobia supplement.

StressPac has been shown to been affective in primary care work and has been developed along theoretical principles which fit in most effectively with any approach that emphasises an educational, structured, directive, present time oriented approach, such as CBT. 

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Complete kit: Includes therapist's manual, self help manual and cassette
Additional copies of materials:
Client materials, pack of 1