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Test for Creative Thinking Drawing Production (TCP-DP)
Klaus K Urban and Hans R Jellen, 1996

Screen for creative potential

Age Range:
5 to 95 years

Individual - 30 minutes

The Test for Creative Thinking-Drawing Production (TCP-DP) is a screening instrument that allows for a first simple and economic assessment of a personís creative potential. It may serve to identify very high creative potential as well as to recognise individuals with underdeveloped or retarded creative abilities who are in need of promotion, challenge or support.

The test is available in two forms A and B, normally given one after the other, applicable in single or group testing with individuals between 5 and 95 years of age. The administration needs 15 minutes for each form.

On the test sheets some special fragments of figures are provided, stimulating further drawing in a very free and open way. The drawing product is evaluated and scored by means of 14 evaluation criteria representing the test construct. Besides a rough classification, percentiles and - scores are also provided if needed. Empirical studies of reliability and validity are documented in the manual. 


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Complete kit: Includes manual, 2 packs of 25 scoring sheets and class lists