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Paediatric Assessments and Interventions 
Language: Composite / General

Test of Language Competence -
Expanded Edition (TLC-Expanded)

Elisabeth Wiig and Wayne Secord, 1989

Measure metalinguistic higher-
level language functions

Age Range:
Level 1: 5 though 9 years.
Level 2: 10 through 18

Individual - 60 minutes

Use this tool to determine students' language strategies, assist in developing remediation plans and write Individual Education Plan (IEP) goals and objectives. 
A strategy approach to language assessment is provided by evaluating delays in the emergence of linguistic competence and in the use of semantic, syntactic and pragmatic strategies. Emphasis is placed on assessing a child's ability to perceive, interpret and respond to the contextual and situational demands of conversation in addition to basic semantic and syntactic abilities. 

Subtests include:

Quick Screening Composite (based on two subtests) helps you determine the need for further testing. TLC-Expanded is an excellent complement to basic language skills testing with CELF-3. 

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Complete kit: Includes administration manual, technical manual, level 1 and 2 stimulus manuals and level 1 and 2 record forms, pack of 25 each with carrying case
Additional copies of materials:
Administration manual
Level 1 record forms, pack of 25
Level 2 record forms, pack of 25