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Test of Phonological Awareness - Second Edition: PLUS (TOPA-2+)
Joseph K Torgesen and Brian R Bryant, 2004

Measure awareness of individual word sounds
and understanding of letters and phonemes

Age Range:
5 to 8 years 11 months

Individual or Group - 30 minutes

The TOPA-2+ has two versions, a Kindergarten version (ages 5 to 6 years 11 months) and an Early Elementary version (ages 6 to 8 years 11 months), that measure young children's ability to isolate individual phonemes in spoken words and understand the relationships between letters and phonemes in English. Because it can be administered in to groups of young children, the test is an economical means of identifying children who are relatively delayed in their development of phonological awareness and knowledge of letter-sound relationships.

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Complete kit: Includes examiner's manual, 50 kindergarten summary forms, 50 early elementary summary forms, 25 student booklets for kindergarten, 25 student booklets for early elementary in storage box
Additional copies of materials:
Kindergarten summary forms, pad of 50
Early elementary summary forms, pad of 50
Kindergarten student booklets, pack of 25
Early elementary student booklets, pack of 25