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Child Cognition, Language and Neuropsychology -

Test of Word Knowledge (TOWK)
Elisabeth H Wiig and Wayne Secord, 1992

Evaluate receptive and expressive language

Age Range: Level 1: 5 to 8 years,
Level 2: 8 to 17 years

Administration: Individual or Group -
Level 1: 25 minutes for Core Battery, 
   25 minutes for supplementary subtest; 
Level 2: 40 minutes for Core Battery, 
   25 minutes for supplementary subtest

Designed for use as part of a total diagnostic language battery, the Test of Word Knowledge (TOWK) evaluates students' ability to understand and use vocabulary. By probing for indications of a semantic development and lexical knowledge.

Level 1 includes the following core subtests - Expressive Vocabulary, Word Definitions, Receptive Vocabulary and Word Opposites. Synonyms, for use with 5 to 8 year olds, is a supplementary subtest.

Level 2 includes the following subtests - Word Definitions, Multiple Contexts, Synonyms and Figurative Usage. Word Opposites, Receptive Vocabulary, Expressive Vocabulary. Conjunctions and Transition Words are supplementary subtests.

The Test of Word Knowledge (TOWK):

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