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Working Memory Test Battery for Children (WMTB-C)
Susan Pickering and Susan Gathercole, 2001

Assess working memory in children
and adolescents

Age Range:
5 to 15 years

Individual - 60 minutes

The Working Memory Test Battery for Children (WMTB-C) provides you with an accurate assessment of working memory in 5 to 15 year olds. The test is designed to reflect the three component structure of the Working Memory Model proposed by Baddeley and Hitch. The specialised components each deal with different aspects of working memory. They include a Central Executive (CE), which is involved in the control and regulation of the Working Memory System and two 'slave systems.' One slave system is known as the Phonological Loop (PL) and is responsible for holding verbal information for short periods; the other is the Visuo-spatial Sketchpad (VSSP) which holds information in visual and spatial form.

Research indicates that the WMTB-C is useful in identifying children who perform poorly at school, including children with specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia. Data is also available about the extent to which the WMTB-C predicts achievement at school more directly, by exploring the profiles of children at Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 using school-based assessments of progress on the National Curriculum. Furthermore, the WMTB-C has been validated against existing well-established tests of achievement, including; British Picture Vocabulary Scale, subtests of the British Ability Scales, Neale Analysis of Reading Ability, Group Arithmetic test and subtests of the Differential Abilities Scales.

WMTB-C includes:

Performance can be expressed both in terms of standardised scores and percentiles on the individual subtests and Working Memory index scores for the three components (Phonological Loop, Visuo-spatial Sketchpad and Central Executive).

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Complete kit: Includes manual, 3 stimulus booklets (mazes and backwards digit recall, counting recall 1 and counting recall 2), 25 record forms, 25 mazes response booklets, 10 word list matching cards, 10 backwards digit recall cards and digit span board in a bag
Additional copies of materials:
Record forms, pack of 25
Mazes response booklets, pack of 25